Semi-OT: The Russians are Coming and bringing giant litho from 1990s

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Shpak gave a long interview to RIA Novosti, in which he highlighted the topic of Russian microelectronics. According to the official, production of domestic lithograph will begin in Russia next year. True, there is no talk of producing advanced single-chip systems: the lithograph will be able to produce chips using a 350 nm topology. The creation of a lithograph that will be able to produce chips with a 130 nm topology is planned for 2026.

It is clear that it is impossible to make equipment on thin topologies at once, without going all the way. Such lithography is currently represented by only two companies in the world: the Dutch ASML and the Japanese Nikon. No one else in the world can do this. We have now embarked on this path, and not alone, but together with the Belarusians. China is also moving in this direction. The race has begun ,” said Vasily Shpak.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade does not see any problem in the fact that it will not be possible to master finer technical processes, since the production of chips using a technological process of 45 nm and less is significant only for processors and memory, but this constitutes only 10-15% of the market in monetary and quantitative terms.

All other microelectronics, and these are microcontrollers, power electronics, telecommunication circuits, automotive electronics, like many other things, will work based on the requirements of technology and economics in the topological size range of 350-65 nanometers for many years, and this is approximately 60% of the market. According to experts, this technology is in great demand in the world and will continue to be in demand for a long time. 10 years minimum ,” explained Vasily Shpak.


If you have not read it yet, Chip Wars is an excellent book. It details why the soviets remained so far behind in semiconductors. I highly recommend it if you have the time.