Semi OT: The times we live

Elon Musk submitted a non-binding offer to take TWTR private. The market has completely not taking serious because the share price didn’t move. For reference after Berkshire’s offer for Alleghany, its price has moved closer to the offer price.

Yet no one really talks about Berkshire buyout offer and Musk offer is a raging talk across the market, TV pundits (financial and news media) across the globe. This is so weird to differentiate the theater vs what is real.

Berkshire shareholders an era will soon come to an end. You were all part of that. In future, Berkshire is going to find it extremely difficult to do deals’, not only they will miss Buffett’s individual relationship, and charisma in swinging deals, but the market place is changing/ has changed so much, the M&A playbook are being re-written.

I think personally Berkshire era of buying out firms is also going to end at some point. Berkshire has to focus more on returning cash to shareholders or find “organic” growth.