Semrush Expands Listing Management to Canada

Semrush announced last week that they expanded the listing management tool to Canadian businesses…

What is the listing management tool?

The Listing Management tool creates profiles in the most popular directories and intelligent services — including Facebook, Google, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Apple Maps, Bing, BAIDU, and many more — with local business data to ensure optimal online coverage and visibility for the business. The tool maintains the information, ensuring it is accurate and up to date, and all directories can easily be edited simultaneously.

As businesses in Canada use Semrush’s Listing Management tool, their potential customers who search for services in proximity to their location will be directed to the business and be provided with comprehensive, vital information such as operating hours and payment methods.

Simply put, the listing management tool allows businesses to be found whenever someone searches online for a specific product/service near them. I personally use this search often when looking for a particular product/service (usually restaurants/food) around me.

This announcement is the second release of a four-part rollout over the coming months. The tool’s functionality now includes:

  • 40+ directories available in Canada to list business info
  • Business profile creation for data consistency across all locations
  • Comprehensive business profile creation in Google My Business and Facebook, including business and holidays hours, payment methods, and social media links
  • Info clean up and duplicate suppression in one click
  • Voice search optimization: information sync with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Bing
  • Listing presence audit with a PDF report export function, free for all customers

Will this add to the revenue growth?

These are the comments related to Listing Management Tool made by the team when they announced the Q2 results back in August…

- "We also saw rapid growth for our Local Listing Management add-on, as revenue more than doubled from the previous year. I believe these examples illustrate how enhancements to the Semrush platform further extend our advantage over point solution providers,” added Mr. Shchegolev.

- “Total add-on revenue growth of more than 75% from the previous year with particular strength in Local Listings Management, which more than doubled.”

Eugene Levin, Chief Strategic Officer in Semrush, commented: “In Canada, the majority of businesses are small- and medium-sized firms which are accustomed to operating in a highly competitive environment. Online visibility is now a fundamental requirement for every organization, regardless of how large or local it may be, and we’re excited to support the growth of Canadian businesses by providing access to the Listing Management tool, an essential resource for their success in local SEO and search visibility.

What I like about Semrush is that it doesn’t only help digital products to be found. But helps physical businesses as well. For example, even if a company sells exclusively offline, to actually get clients to their door they will need an online visibility tool like Semrush to drive traffic to their stores. We often search online before getting into our cars and start searching for a physical store.