SEMrush & Integration

SEMrush (SEMR) announced yesterday integration with (MNDY c…

This integration empowers organizations to build data-driven marketing workflows to manage a website’s health and visibility more efficiently. For the first time, teams can automatically bring their valuable online marketing research data into, easily turning real-time keyword insights into actionable plans and collaborating across SEO and content marketing tasks — all from

The and Semrush integration provides customers with real-time keyword insights powered by Semrush, without leaving the interface. In particular, it can help marketers:

  • Effectively prioritize keywords and content plans using search volume and keyword difficulty data from Semrush
  • Leverage live SEO data and dynamic, visual dashboards to build out detailed workflows, SERP placement plans, and URLs in
  • Build out smart acquisition campaigns with real-time CPC data per keyword
  • Connect all their teams to valuable strategic insights for powerful collaboration — from Content Marketing and Social Media to Product.
  • Communicate quickly in the context of their keywords, budget, content plans, and files.

This is the comment from Eugene Levin, Chief Strategic Officer of Semrush: “The integration of Semrush data into is a great example of how digital marketing services and a Work OS can complement and enhance each other’s strengths. This integration will facilitate stronger decision-making processes and cross-team collaboration. We look forward to further cooperation to make digital marketers’ workflows even more effective.”

This is the comment from Amit Goldenberg, Head of Tech Partnerships and Business Development at “This Semrush integration is a thrilling addition to’s truly flexible Work OS, especially for addressing marketing teams’ needs. Through apps like these in our marketplace, we’re providing vendors with the ability to add their own building blocks to Work OS, tapping into our ever-expanding ecosystem. The integration will empower our customers to achieve even more with the platform and help diversify’s increasingly limitless customization capabilities."

This is where you can download the app in case you are using too: It seems that there are already over 200 downloads so far which means users think of it as a useful tool.

And here you can see how to set it up:…

Personally, I use both and SEMrush. This integration will make it easier when assigning tasks to writers. As an integration, I think it will be a win-win situation for both platforms.