Send claim to homeowner's Ins.?

Back in January I had a pipe freeze in my dirt floor basement and it flooded. The fire department showed up and pumped it out. ( I am not currently living in the house but I generally visit it at minimum, once a month.) They sent me a bill for services, to the tune of $800.00 They want me to send it to my homeowners Insurance. My deductible is $1000. Should I just skip reporting it to the Ins. and just write a check? It really didn’t do any damage to anything, because the basement floods regularly anyway.

On a side note… the Fire Dept report said it was 8 ft deep. Total BS because the basement ceiling isn’t even 7 ft high. I also saw the water line the next day when I got there. It was approximately 4 ft high. And… despite my house being built as a duplex, the town has it listed as a one family house, and the fire department listed the “other” half of my house on the incident address. (316 as opposed to 314, which is my mailing address and the address on my insurance.)

I just figured it might be a whole lot less hassle if I just paid the bill. It’s less than the deductible anyway.

Any thoughts??

Lady Ianna
(up a creek …err basement…without a paddle.)

It’s below your deductible. The fire department doesn’t know this so they suggested you send it to your insurance company. Obviously you would not do that. All that does is put a ‘loss’ on your record which may actually increase future insurance rates – even though they didn’t pay anything out. Then you list a bunch of errors which can only complicate your life. I’d let sleeping dogs lie.



It may depend on the insurer, but if the claim goes “on the record” then your rates may increase. So if it’s less than deductible, probably not worth the bother. Might even cost you. Again, depending on your insurer.


Might give the Fire Deparment a call, point out the discrepancies and explain that it’s below insurance coverage, so it’s out of pocket, maybe they can correct it, lighten the load… Worth a call, or even a visit…


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Thanks Folks!

That’s pretty much what I was thinking. I can try giving them a call, but most likely they wont lower it. (we wont get into the whole history of dealing with the “town borough”)

Good thing I had just signed a HELOC on the house a few days before this happened. Otherwise I might not have had the funds.

Hope everyone is having a great day. (mine usually aren’t, but it’s nice to think someone else is.) Lol!

Lady I.