Seniors Forced Into Medicare Advtg wo/Consent

Seniors’ Medicare Benefits Are Being Privatized Without Consent…

The Biden administration is expanding a Trump scheme that is forcing hundreds of thousands of seniors onto for-profit health plans.

That’s why she was so surprised when she got an email in January from her doctor at One Medical, a for-profit primary care practice on the West Coast backed by the private equity giant Carlyle Group. While the email message wasn’t particularly clear, she eventually realized that she was being enrolled without her informed consent in a new private DCE plan run by Iora Health, a primary care provider One Medical purchased last year.

“I got the email, I clicked on it and began a signing process that didn’t tell me what I was signing,” said Gordon. “You sign, you click in, and they tell you that they want you to sign up for a DCE with Iora Health. I wrote back to my doc and said I won’t do this… I felt that a line had been crossed.”

Gordon, a health policy expert, was able to get out of the plan — but others have not been so lucky.

Just another for-profit, privity equity health insurance scam you need to be on the lookout for.



Just another for-profit, privity equity health insurance scam you need to be on the lookout for.

In the 80s, during the surge of alternate long distance carriers, a similar practice was known as “slamming”. The scummy alternate LD company would send you a junk mail looking thing, that most people would immediately toss in the trash. Hidden in that junk mail looking thing was a notice that failure to respond to the offer in the negative would be deemed consent to have your LD service switched to their company.

One fine day, I discovered the LD service at my RS didn’t work. I got a recording about how I needed to set up my LD service. I called the District Office, which was a local call from the store, and told the DM my phone service was messed up. Apparently, what had happened was that corporate in Fort Worth, who paid the phone bills, had received a ton of the junk mail things from that LD carrier, and tossed them all in the trash, so a flock of stores were flipped to the other carrier without consent from anyone at RS. RS had some well paid legal talent at that time, who read the riot act to the LD company. iirc, my store’s LD service was switched back to AT&T the same day.

Within a year or two, “slamming” phone service was outlawed. A person’s service could no longer be switched without explicit consent. I would expect the same law to be passed regarding “slamming” Medicare patients.