Sentinel DataSet achieves AWS Container Competency Status

This press release was slightly shortened and paraphrased by me. I don’t understand the tech but it has to be good news for Sentinel

Sentinel DataSet achieves AWS Container Competency Status

Sentinel’s DataSet has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Container Competency status. DataSet offers a complete solution for logging, monitoring, and troubleshooting in container environments, enabling organizations to fully achieve the benefits of cloud, containers, and Kubernetes.

This recognition from AWS differentiates SentinelOne as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides specialized expertise and proven success in delivering solutions for customers looking to build, run and manage their applications on AWS container technologies.

“We are excited to achieve AWS Container Competency status and to continue our efforts in accelerating our customers’ cloud journey. Dynamic container environments generate a lot of fast-moving data. Traditional solutions are expensive, difficult to scale, and slow to detect anomalies. DataSet delivers easy scalability and real-time performance at a fraction of the cost. SentinelOne is committed to helping customers efficiently modernize their applications by using containers with the range of powerful tools AWS provides, and this recognition further advances our partnership in delivering customer success.”

DataSet seamlessly works with AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), and AWS Fargate, continuously collects metrics, events, and logs from the entire stack, surfaces anomalies and uncovers their root causes, so DevOps, SRE, and engineering teams can detect and resolve performance issues faster than ever before.


I love this.

@Saul Rosenthal, nice find on the Sentinel Dataset thing you posted. When I think of containers, I think ‘cloud’ computing. I know that’s not exactly accurate as I work with on-prem containers as well but… I think that’s where the world is moving.

Now, combine this with some comments from the last CC. Things like Cloud is the fastest growing module and revenue rates per client much greater in cloud than in endpoint. Being much smaller than CRWD, anything to juice these Singularity Cloud revenue is likely to have a much bigger impact on the whole company. Its nice to see moves that compliment this.


I’ll admit that my eyes tend to gloss over these press releases, even when reading a paraphrased version.

I have access to Microsoft’s new AI chat and have been in awe of its capabilities. I decided to ask if it could summarize the press release for me in laymen’s terms. Here are the results:

I thought it was a pretty good explanation, but wanted more clarity around containers and Kubernetes. Here’s what it came up with:

I think I’m understanding, but I could use a simpler explanation. Here are those results:

Love it! With that I think I’ve answered all my questions about this press release, and I have cited sources to dive deeper into to research more if desired.

If there’s interest, I’d love to write a follow-up post on how to effectively use AI to research our companies.


Hi jg, that was a great post, but how does one get access to the new AI chat?

If there’s interest, I’d love to write a follow-up post on how to effectively use AI to research our companies.

I’d love it.



Have you tried Chat GPT? I played a little with it yesterday chiefly to see if it can pass my exams (no, it does not know specialized literature in my area, but it can probably manage a low passing grade on any exam based on widely available textbooks, be those school or university level, especially 100-level ones).

As an underprepared student of old, Chat GPT spits generalities. Unlike an underprepared student, it spits a lot of those, orders them well, and it writes very well in terms of syntax and diction, too. On the exam questions I asked, it was completely unable to analytically distill a key factor and isolate it from all the noise of general statements. When I asked very specific questions about things most people have never heard about, it knew some good information, but it also offered completely misleading information like confusing the attributes of X with those of Z or blending together definitions of different things.

So in my area I noticed two issues: old information and confusion of some information, in addition to lack of actual analysis. It is all packaged as a lawyer’s dream, too, with disclaimers and all :slight_smile:

I did not try much with investing but here is a TMDX tidbit: I love it that it tries to teach people and does not just spit out results. But look at the numbers:

“What was the quarter over quarter revenue growth for TransMedics Group between Q1 2021 and Q2 2021?”

Based on TransMedics Group’s financial results for the first half of 2021, the company reported the following revenue figures:

*** Q1 2021: $7.9 million**
*** Q2 2021: $12.5 million**

Using the formula for calculating quarter-over-quarter revenue growth, we get:

[(Revenue in Q2 2021 - Revenue in Q1 2021) / Revenue in Q1 2021] x 100%

[($12.5 million - $7.9 million) / $7.9 million] x 100% = 58.2%

Therefore, the quarter-over-quarter revenue growth for TransMedics Group between Q1 2021 and Q2 2021 was 58.2%. This indicates a significant increase in revenue during that period. However, it’s important to note that revenue growth alone is not necessarily an indicator of the overall financial health of a company, as factors such as expenses, profitability, and cash flow also play a critical role."

Now, going to TMDX website offers these numbers:
Q1 2021: 7.1 million
Q2 2021: 8.2 million

The free online data aggregator I use has the correct numbers as well.


Can you summarize this news statement for me:

“Transmedics, a medical technology company focused on developing organ care systems for transplantation, has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Organ Care System (OCS) Lung solution for use with lungs that have been preserved in cold storage. The OCS Lung technology allows for the lungs to be perfused and ventilated during transport, maintaining them at normal body temperature, which can lead to better outcomes for transplant patients. The clearance of the OCS Lung solution for use with cold storage lungs is expected to expand the donor pool for lung transplantation and provide an opportunity for more successful transplants.”

Now I am not a doctor, have zero idea about transplants and their transportation, and cannot picture any of this. But isn’t this misleading and generally unclear?

The first sentence does not tell us what OCS is but it suggests it is something you apply to frozen lungs. It surely does not make me think that it is about transportation. The second sentence seems on point but it exists in tension with the first because now OCS is about transportation and body warmth. Then the third sentence throws us back to the issue of doing something unspecified – “use” – to frozen lungs rather than preserving and transporting lungs.

I read the AI summary first and then had to read the actual press release to make sense of it. The good news is that Chat GPT knew not to bother with the “about” and “forward-looking” portions of the release.

What do you think about its summary of this TMDX statement?


That was great JG. Could you ask it to compare Crwd to Sentinel?


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I thought it was clear Mas but that might be because I have read a lot about TMDX and understand the technology better. Couldn’t you ask it more questions so that it is clearer? Maybe just keep asking questions till the information is clear.


Unfortunately, it just gave me a really good answer on a different type of question. So it can do some things really well in my area and not only at 100-level classes.

Countdown to where instead of humans teaching and studying, AIs grade each other!

Note that the answers ChatGPT gave above is actually completely wrong in case that was not clear to everyone.

The numbers were wrong and the description of what TMDX does is wrong too (as it misses the real point of what they do).

TMDX’s OCS replaces cold storage as the standard of care for lung, liver and heart transplants.

Just in case anyone was reading the above and thinking that the numbers were wrong (that was stated) but the description of what they do correct (as that was not explicitly stated).



Not dead wrong. It was partially correct but needed to be refined. This was correct.

So was this

So you would have to further refine it to make sure you understood exactly what it does.


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I guess it depends on whether you know and understand the company already, in which case you can spot the issues. If you don’t then the answers above would have misled you. It would have given you an incorrect revenue growth rate and it would not have captured what it is that TMDX does and how that is different and better.

You would have been wrong in your view of their growth and your understanding of their business.

Having said that, I’ve asked ChatGPT specific questions about my own company (which of course I know intimately) and the results were astounding.



In other words, I think we agree that Chat GPT is not yet an alternative to doing one’s own work.

So how does the Microsoft AI mentioned earlier in the thread compare?


These are all great questions, and will be addressed as part of the post I’m writing up. It’s useful in some ways, and incorrect in others. I’ll go over the nuances.

Anyone can join the waitlist here:


While I’m writing up my post, I figured others may have questions about using AI as a research tool. Rather than clutter the board with additional posts, I created a short anonymous Google Form to collect questions. I’ll try to address all the questions I receive in my writeup. I figured this would be especially valuable for those who don’t have posting permissions, but would still like to contribute.

Click here for the survey


Actually, I think chatGPT got it exactly right.

That particular news release was confusing when it came out, because it has nothing to do with the main thing TMDX does, and I honestly still don’t know why they sought that approval.

TMDX has a proprietary “solution” that they put into the blood that they circulate through the organs when they are in the perfusion machines. This “solution” was approved to be used with lungs that were transported using cold storage. Why? I’m not really sure. Maybe they wanted to have flexibility to market the “solution” as something that helps even when lungs are transplanted with cold storage. Maybe it gives them some type of up-sale capability? I still don’t know the reason for getting the approval, but from what I understand the summary is accurate. Chat Bot for the win!