Sentinel One - Two Execs

Just a thought on the quality of people at Sentinel One. I was reading article about cyberwar in Russia/Ukraine and it mentioned one of these guys, Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade, so I looked him up.

Here’s the article…

Russia hacked a US satellite company one hour before the Ukraine invasion

Here’s his resume…

Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade, Principal Threat Researcher

Guerrero-Saade’s research and leadership of threat intelligence teams, including at Google and the Kaspersky Lab, has focused on creative approaches to describe complex problems in threat intelligence…

Guerrero-Saade received his Master of Letters (M.Litt) in Philosophical Logic from The University of St. Andrews (Scotland, UK), and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Philosophy from Shimer College. In 2010, he was a Visiting Student at the University of Oxford specializing in Phenomenology and the later Wittgenstein.

And get a load of the COO.

Vats Srivastan, Chief Operating Officer

Vats brings more than 30 years of professional experience to SentinelOne, including a deep understanding of cloud and growth transformations. Notably, Vats served as Chief Strategy Officer at Palo Alto Networks, where he played a critical role in the strategic transformation of the company from a single product to a multi-platform business. Most recently, Vats was President and Chief Operating Officer at ColorTokens, a zero trust security startup. Vats also served as Managing Director, Business Operations at Google Cloud and Corporate Vice President at Motorola Mobility, a Google Company. Vats was a core member of the team that architected Google’s cloud strategy, the commercial engine that scaled to a multi-billion dollar cloud business. Prior, Vats was a Partner at McKinsey & Company for more than 11 years where he co-founded the tech/media/telecom practice focused on F100 CxO business transformation initiatives.

This is the A Team.

The Simple Investment Thesis

Saul and other elders here love the numbers

They have elite people

The tailwinds for cyber security are as big as we’ll likely ever see - every person, company, org, gov’t on earth must have cyber security

Sentinel One is at 5.85B valuation as of this writing. If they are to have a seat at the table in the long run, hard to fathom how the valuation doesn’t rise mightily in the coming years.

Several top guys are from Cylance, a former top rival to CrowdStrike and the passion to unseat CrowdStrike is through the roof.

Sentinel One is a killer name and the basic story - that they send out automated bots, or Sentinels, to hunt down cyber threats is top notch. They save companies critical time and money by automating more of the process and are simpler to implement for smaller businesses.

Cyber Security, more than any other industry, offer the two of the greatest things in narrative - stakes and urgency. It is mission critical to protect yourself and you could be attacked this very second.

At 5.85B Sentinel One has massive room to grow and assuming they are legit, and have a seat at
the table, it’s hard to imagine how they do not grow meaningfully in the future. They are clearly in the conversation and at a much lower market cap than CRWD or ZS may deliver the best returns. That said, lower market caps sure didn’t help AMPL or UPST boy howdy.


Broadway Dan

P.S. - Seems to me the board’s ratio of signal to noise is reeling under pressure of this crash. So I’d like to present…


It’s my hope that calling these “commandments” helps the wayward as so many just can’t follow “rules.”

I. Thou Shalt Not Clutter

If your post adds no value, don’t post it.

II. Thou Shalt Not Post OT Posts

Resist the urge to share philosophy, general investing advice, encouragement. This is not Oprah’s General Investment Discussions.

III. Thou Shalt Not Seek Comfort

If you feel sad or worried bring a drum to the forest and cry out to the woods.

IV. Thou Shalt Not Preach Alternate Methods

No one here cares how you invest. Period.

V. Thou Shalt Not Trumpet Own Successful Calls

Your past greatness adds no value to anyone and spreads ill will when brought up in context of lecturing others about their bad call. (Trying my best here not to express my true feelings or I’d get lifetime ban.)

Bottom Line

Heavily concentrated ports full of growth stocks are the high stakes poker table where harrowing drops come with the territory. If you want to watch fruits spin for a chance to win nickels, that’s a different thing.

There’s only one path out of the rubble - finding the best run businesses and riding them up the S-curves. Every post, regardless of intention, that doesn’t help us do this one specific thing is just wee wee in the gumbo.