SentinelOne-Jan 11 Needham webcast…

What stood out to me the most was the analyst interviewing the CEO and CFO was really bullish and cheerleading for SentinelOne throughout the webcast. The analyst also mentioned he had 100 clients listening live on the conference call.

Analyst: “So SentinelOne has been one of the most intriguing IPOs over the last year, huge success in the IPO. You’ve delivered exceptional results over the course of the year. Frankly I thought your original forecast looked to be aggressive, and then you blew it away. So shame on me for not having more faith in your ability to scorch the numbers.”

They also discussed crowdstrike modules versus sentinelone’s value, hypergrowth overcoming fears of interest rate changes, sentinelone’s operating leverage, cloud security opportunity and TAM, and a bit about hiring (Analyst: “I think I was – had a conversation with the CEO of Cloudflare. He said the guys that gets the most coders wins and he’s adding 50,000 coders per portal. Now you guys are trying to do that, but the point is that coding community is critical.”)

Worth watching if you own S