September Portfolio Summary

September was a loss pure and simple. Here are the month-by-month and YTD portfolio results:

January - Portfolio was up +10.4%
February - close call but barely down -0.6%
March - A very respectable +3.8%
April - Could have been worse with a -1.7%
May - Best monthly run of the Year with +26.8
June - Solid beat at +9.1%
July - Third straight month of solid gains with +8.3%
August - Easing back in the loss column at -1.6%
September - Solid loss without drama for -4.8%

YTD: +49.7%

It appears that October is going to be a legitimately spooky month.

Toward the very end of September and finalized yesterday (Oct 3) in the middle of the bloodbath, between about noon and 2.00PM or so - I went to the RTHG Strategy. The RTHG Strategy is intended to eliminate Lower Confidence Investments (LCI) and roll portfolio funding and allocations into the Higher Confidence Investments (HCI).

Note: Think of the RTHG Strategy just like your Cholesterol readings: The LCI in a fatigued or falling market is just like your LDL (Bad Cholesterol) while your HCIs are like your HDL (Good Cholesterol). See how simple this is?

Note 2: I recognize that the Cholesterol example above might be/could be, and might represent, a hurdle of some sort - a leap of faith as it were, for some folks; however, let me reassure you that with my 6 weeks of pre-med classes back in the day - it makes semi-perfect sense.

Anyway - this is what the portfolio looks like today:


  1. TTD
  2. MNDY
  3. AEHR
  4. NET
  5. GLBE

B) The Bench

  1. IOT
  2. AXON
  3. CRWD

Note 3). CRWD added back vigorously based upon the portfolio coach getting the High Sign from a brilliant stock investing Guru:

So thats that.

Strategy for October in lieu of consecutive Starting Gate non-posts: As little as possible; which, is a sort of soft Hunker Down Strategy but relatively higher up in the overall Hunker Down hierarchy.

Just rock solid!

All the Best,
BDH Investing


Spent the first part of the month checking the Palisades. Seems as well prepared as possible just now; Which allowed me to venture out into the Market today adding both SMCI and MELI in small positions with the intention to add as the opportunity might allow.

Read Saul’s treatise on selling out of AEHR along with similar commentary from others on his board. Decided against for myself just now. Why? Well - because…thats why. Nothing seems to have changed for the company although swapping out AEHR for both ELF and CEPH makes sense in a concentrated portfolio. Still… Seems to me that AEHR’s potential remains firm with its future, at least a great deal of it all in front of it.

Looking at both ELF and CEPH for Scout Team contracts but neither actually appeal to me all that much. Gonna perform my usual deep dive 15 minutes of research on both and then add them to next weeks plan - if such a plan evolves.

I am still in a soft Hunker Down status such as that might be but with the families fiscal Palisades in pretty decent shape perhaps it will free up more of an aggressive demeanor. Most likely not though as we are stalled on flat water with no wind in our sales. Could change but it might take a while.

All the Best,
BDH Investing.


Champ, do you mean CELH. I cannot find any company CEPH so I am assuming CELH.
Just letting you know that your posts are being read thoroughly :slight_smile:

Be safe out there!!!

-Hoping for a Christmas Rally-

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Hi Johnny:

Thanks for pointing that out. I need to do a much better job of editing before I post. I do catch some mistakes but usually after composing a post I get in a hurry to just get it done.

All the Best,


Hi Champ,

Haven’t seen any activity from you, miss your contributions and your writing style.

Hope all is well with you and that you have not abandoned this outpost completely.

All the best,