Services and sources other than Fool

I’d be very interested to learn what websites and sources - both free and paid - that you use other than Fool to gather information and do research on companies. I’m considering paying for membership at seeking alpha. Simply Wall St is also an interesting site. What do you all rely on?


I recently subscribed to from growth to value -
Very similar to stock advisor and this forum. Focused completely on Long term investing. His weekly reports and all the research is amazing. They have free trial so you can try and evaluate before signing up.

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… what websites and sources - both free and paid - that you use other than Fool to gather information and do research on companies.

Some of us don’t pay for such information. We just go to the website of the company we are interested in looking at. It takes some searching for conference call reports and financial information.

Earlier, someone was looking for the latest “HOT” stock. We don’t invest that way either. We invest in “SOLID COMPANIES” that will continue to grow giving us great returns on our investments.

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I like Stock Gumshoe for its intelligence and lack of hype. It offers a lot of free information, and features the entertaining and informative analysis of teaser ads for other services to figure out what stock they’re hinting at, including many Motley Fool ads. They have ratings of many other services, too, and a free forum like they have here, and their moderately priced month-to-month subscription service offers stock recommendations. Now that my SA subscription expired, I’m thinking very seriously of getting a subscription there.

I never subscribed to Seeking Alpha, though I often read articles and post comments. I question their judgement in letting certain sketchy “analysts” post questionable articles, and those people getting the editors to censor skeptical comments about them. Some of their contributors are excellent, but some are simply bad.

A lot of people here recommend Bert Hochfeld (Ticker Target) as a tech/growth analyst, and many of his recommendations overlap with Saul’s and others here.

This is Joel Greenblatt’s version of value investing (available free), and I’ve sometimes used it for ideas:

Another service that looks interesting to me is “Buffett and Beyond,” based on the book of that title, but he keeps his investment return formula secret in his book and even if you subscribe. You can get a free trial and see for yourself.

I get MarketGrader reports through my Vanguard brokerage account, and it looks like you can get them for free by going to the report website yourself and replacing the “tsla” ticker symbol at the end of this example with another ticker:…

I also get reports from Argus, but they use a code number that I don’t know how to decode.

Reading Fred Martin’s book about valuing growth stocks by extending some of Benjamin Graham’s methods led me to his investment company’s website for more ideas:

I have a basic subscription to the non-profit AAII - American Association of Individual Investors, though they have a lot of extra services that cost extra. You can often try those out for a month for $1.