Sewerage Surveillance

… it’s not just COVID. Public health researchers now realize that they can tell a lot about what ills a community by comprehensively testing the public sewage.

Of course if you live in a craphole state, your leaders and the “job creators” that bought and paid for them may not want you to know.

How sewage can warn us about the next pandemic…

With Covid-19 serving as the ultimate test case, wastewater surveillance has transformed from a niche approach to epidemiology to one widely adopted by scientists, universities, firms, and public health agencies around the United States, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is also being rolled out in at least 63 other countries, according to the COVIDPoops19 dashboard maintained by researchers at the University of California Merced.



They have been doing that for some time in MN (larger metro areas with wastewater treatment facilities).