Shelter at home anecdote - OT

My family doctor called yesterday to make sure that we were still all right. While we were talking he described the effect that the shelter-at-home and wear-a-mask had had, which was enormous from his point of view.

He said that six to eight weeks ago just before and just after the City was shut down, he was dealing with 20 to 25 severely ill patients from his practice every day, and growing rapidly. He had closed his office to keep it from getting contaminated so he would see the patients at their homes and try to help them stay at home if possible (because the hospitals were overflowing with COVID patients and were stacking them in the corridors). For his home visits he’d wear a gown, mask, googles, shoe covers, the works. He’d get the home-bound patients oxygen and round-the-clock nursing if they needed it, etc. He was working 16 to 20 hours a day, and was totally exhausted!

And he says that now, after six to eight weeks of shut down, he has ZERO covid-sick patients. He says it’s like a miracle what Stay-at-Home did.

Just one doctor’s experience, but was very impressive.


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