SHOP Competition

Has anyone looked into competitors of SHOP to see how everyone stacks up.

Here is an article about some of the important functionalities of SHOP versus Bigcommerce.

Other competitors are Magento, Woo Commerce and Volusion.

Just wondering if SHOP has specific competitive advantages over these firms. I don’t know if any of them are publically traded.



I’m going to answer my own post as I dig just a bit further into competition. This certainly isn’t gospel however.

The only true competitor at this point seems to be Bigcommerce. They are offering a very similar service to Shopify with maybe the exception of their own payment solution. I believe they need to partner with an outside source (Paypal, etc…). This would add additional fees for the end user.

Magento and Woo Commerce are both open source solutions and if you ask me, they don’t stand a chance in this market. Since I’m long HDP who is also open source, is this contradictory? No.

HDP plays in a space where only coders/programmers/techies play. They are helping big organizations implement Hadoop where presumably they cannot do it themselves as efficiently.

SHOP on the other hand is helping the average shop owner selling his wares who has no clue how to program. An open source platform such as Magento doesn’t seem viable here. The vast majority of those selling goods online in the form of small to medium size businesses need the technical support of a “closed source” solutions as they aren’t savvy enough to support open source themselves.

Just a few more thoughts.