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Tobi Leute, SHOP’s CEO, sometimes tweets about Shopify. This week he tweeted a couple of things that are interesting:

  1. The most recent tweet is a retweet: Shopify Stores now automatically detect which payment method (Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.) you’ll want to use, right on the product page. Proud of the team for shipping this! :tada:…

This is a new features that should streamline the customer checkout experience of Shopify merchants.

  1. Designing a New VR Consumer Experience with Unreal Engine
    The future is now! Explore how Shopify is using Unreal Engine to create compelling VR and AR experiences to help evolve and enhance the way consumers shop online.…

This one is about VP to enhance the customer experience. The linked article is worth a read.

Shopify is continually adding features and raising the bar thereby increasing the value and the switching cost. This will help Shopify to continue to gain more and more merchants and retain the merchants that they already have.



The #2 seems tied/related to what I expected was FB upside.

Most assume FB will win bc of billions of FB users, instagram users, whatsapp users, and FB messenger users.

For me - it was their purchase of Oculus. Watch/read Ready Player One and you understand the potential of VR for advertising.

Real estate agents providing 360 degrees VR tours of properties. Whether live or video.

Same with fashion…virtually trying on those shoes or clothes.

Design/architectural…for building and presenting finished designs to prospective investors.

Not sure how Shopify sees this playing out, but since FB is a huge platform for them, i can see all businesses at minimum providing VR 360 immersive video to showcase their product or services. A company that promotes sky diving can film from a divers perspective. Many videos like this now exist, but i dont see it ezploited enough.

Part of issue is need for cheap and untethered VR eyewear. FB was working on Santa Cruz. Magic Leap been talked about for a while. Microsoft and Apple pushing A/R hard…but i think you need full VR to immerse oneself in differwnt surroundings. AR great for pokemon go and anything visual on top of actual reality. Both could be a boon for SHOP if mass adoption occurs and they can execute on high quality VR/AR experiences.


Imagine all the ad possibilities while bebopping around your virtual world. Throw up some programmatic billboards in their somewhere.

I read an article in the WSJ recently about the VR experience in porn sites. I just googled VR porn and was aghast at the number of websites out there peddling this stuff.

However I remember hearing way back when that sex was the number one moneymaker on computer websites. Some things never change.

Lucky Dog

However I remember hearing way back when that sex was the number one moneymaker on computer websites. Some things never change.

Lucky Dog

Give SEX a big THANKS, without it you would not be around! LOL

The Captain


I needed an HDTV codex card for a NASA flight project one time… the best quality supplier was a company that supplied the porn industry as their major customer. Porn truly is a huge industry that drives technology…

Imagine the time I had explaining why I was buying from this company… yet when we inspected the card, it was one of the best made cards we’d ever seen and with incredible performance at its time back in the day.



Side note on expansion of VR into real world:

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer asked about VR use in mlb…apparently this is a thing.

Batters can allegedly use oculus rift and “experience” pitches and various pitchers…to get familiar with their delivery and to help with timing.

You can see this also for experiencing games in VR from spectators viee, but also for athletes and fans to experience being the athlete…whether golfing at any famous course and being paired with Tiger or Phil…getting dunked on, or posterizing someone else with your own dunk. Being the pitcher in a full stadium.

When they get 3d platforming games like Assassins Creed or Mario Galaxy and put it in VR so you actually are the character, that will be amazing.

Are there examples given for how SHOP will use VR?

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VR is an awesome trainer for almost anything. Even before VR, I was unique (breaking the curve) using computer games to practice courtroom objections and tactics, as well as studying for exams.

Sure, it was back in the age when Zork was state of the art situation, until the Nazi kill them game Wolf something with the talking krauts came along (which is still amazing today but far beyond the limits of a poor law students PC of the day).

Back then it was heresy as we were suppose to learn everything in class and by taking notes.

The in-class and taking notes created context, nuances, and details that are still invaluable today (I in fact still use things that I never did before but have vague recollection from 20 or more years ago, and come up with legal strategies from what appears out of nowhere (when I just paid attention and have a good memory)).

But in real time, there is nothing better than the simulation (even the real thing). In the real thing there is no time and no do over and no analysis. Simulation you get it all without the risks of learning on the job.

I do know that the Minnesota Vikings quarterback last year, one reason he dramatically improved, was he ran thousands and thousands of virtual reality simulations of his plays and opposing defenses. Despite having lesser physical skills, he knew what was coming as well as Brady now does, but with far fewer years in the league.


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