Shop - next buy at 110

I bought Shop at 125
have a limit buy at 110 (200EMA)
May be it will get there


Just noticed something interesting. At least in the last year, SHOP has never actually touched is 200SMA. Not saying that it won’t and I don’t fully (or care to) understand technical analysis, but I just find that interesting.

The technicals on Shop are still positive.

The traders and the chickens are out. (I am out, but I am the worlds best counter indicator.)

There are a couple of rules of thumb.


Beware the rolling 50.

Gaps fill.

The cross of death.

Technical analysis is often miss used to look at a stock. Bad idea. Technical analyisis is often used to judge Macro Economics. Bad Idea.

Technical analysis can sometimes be used to feel the emotions in the market. However, this can also be acomplished with big data and measuring bull and bear article read times and click on times.

This can be miss leading as computers write articles and write them bull or bear based on the input data they receive. Some measure sentiment, some measure Edgar or Sedar GAAP results.

Technical analysis NEVER gives a solid signal. At best it gives a probability that can go into an expected value formula.

I confess, I started moving to cash when the President started announcing tariffs. I went all cash when he doubled down. Not only that I am looking at charts to reinforce my decision.

This is the confession of the worlds best counter indicator.

Per the charts, the indexes have gaps up above. There is some positive tension.

The economy is rocking along. Energy input costs are low. Capital costs are low. Labor costs are not rising. The government is functioning. No one is turning over busses and burning tires in the streets.

However, I do not recall ever living in a time when the two largest economies in the world have squared off like this.

I (the world’s best counter indicator) cannot make heads or tails of what is going on. So cash it is. I would rather lose opportunity than money.



I would rather lose opportunity than money.

But opportunity is money! :slight_smile: