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Possibly of interest to some here.

SHOP is heavily name-dropped in this (superficially researched) Quartz piece on drop-shipping. A naive reader could easily come away with the impression that all of SHOP’s customers are fly-by-night online outfits selling burner brands.

At its core, dropshipping refers to the routing of products directly from manufacturers to consumers, without physically passing through retailers. But in the last few years, the phrase has become associated with nebulous online middlemen, who attempt to connect cheap Chinese manufactured goods and affluent Western consumers with turnkey social media and e-commerce tools.

Then again, it’s very possible that the whole premise of the business model is a scam.

For the Apple Watch, Apple offers an attractive looking mesh metal band with metallic closure. $150.

On Amazon, through use of what appears to be a dropshipper (100%) certain, I purchased on such, in black, that fits the watch perfectly, and is perfect black color to go with gold watch, that is of high enough quality of metal so as not to cause any irritation, and is water and sweat proof and stays on through exercise, dog walk, shower, sleep, et al, for…$10. Use to b $17, but for some reason I got an additional discount.

I am not real sure how any such business can be a long-term success. Could be why there is often a shortage of inventory. But as with most of what Amazon does, delivery was 2 days.

So it is a real enough business. The problem is, how to make such a business profitable when faced with ever growing hordes of copy cats.

There are newer, higher valued business opportunities, for products that cost 4 to 5 figures, that probably require more personal involvement, perhaps some inventory at least for testing purposes, and relationships to ensure quality, that seem to have long term profitability potential.

But how do you make money as the merchant selling for $10! What was $17 by most everyone else? As such, how sustainable is this trend the more copycats that get in on the business opportunity!


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There’s a lot of that kind of inexpensive knock-off selling on eBay, and some (or much) of it is by sellers using drop shipping. It’s not some new thing that Shopify came up with to drum up sales. (I think you all here must know this already.)