I came across this article in the WIX board (so I can’t take credit for finding it).…

The author seems to feel that based on a number of different factors, SHOP is superior to WIX. He is looking at the two companies from the perspective of a potential customer not as a prospective buyer of the stocks.

I am curious to hear from people who have actually used these products to see if they agree with the author as I have no experience with either company.


For me its like comparing Coke and Pepsi. There is room for both the TAM is very large.


I like both SHOP and WIX. After using both, however, I’ve concluded that SHOP has more staying power.

While WIX is cool, their websites seem to have too much overhead and are unnecessarily slow. Enhanced features are difficult to implement. Hence, I think they will be challenged to go “up market”.

Shopify seems to be able to address SMBs and large Enterprises equally well with their range of capabilities.

My 2 cents.

… Marc


BTW, even Adobe (through Magento) and Salesforce are competing in this space.

For me I like that SHOP is a neutral platform. SMBs could go to AMZN but if I were in the B2C space I’d be very hesitant. If your products sell well, you will be knocked off and undercut by AMZN unless your goods are proprietary. I also see a large TAM for online businesses. Increasingly I feel online is the best way to start a consumer facing business.