Shopify and Pinterest

Not mentioned much, if at all, on this board, Shopify (SHOP) is one of the companies that has performed really well during the pandemic increasing in price 76% since the first of the year. The company is constantly looking for ways to extend product offerings and the market has responded.

Starrob had a link on the Shopify board. This morning about the alliance between them and Pinterest (PINS).

As more people than ever come to Pinterest to find inspiration for supporting small businesses, furnishing their work from home setups, gifts to cheer up friends, and activities to do with their kids, there’s an increasing opportunity for retailers to get their products in front of Pinners.

Today we’re launching a new app with Shopify that gives their more than one million merchants a quick way to upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products into shoppable Product Pins, in just a few clicks.

The Pinterest app on Shopify includes a suite of shopping features like tag installation, catalog ingestion, automatic daily updating of products, and an ads buying interface. For Shopify merchants, this means easy set up and access to distribution across Pinterest with or without ads, as well as reporting and results tracking to maximize reach. The app automatically creates a connection between the individual store and Pinterest, so the merchant doesn’t need to edit code or add development resources, making it seamless for businesses of all sizes.

Once installed, the app will allow a merchant to deploy a tag on their website, upload their product catalog and quickly publish in-stock Product Pins. Businesses will also see a shop tab appear on their profile as an additional way for their products to be discovered.


I think this is an interesting development that bears watching. Shopify is already my largest position at 15%.



Jeb, SHOP has grown to my largest as well. I’ve sold 2 chunks already during last year or so. (I thought there was a cannabis bubble for example, but it keeps growing.)

I agree that a structural shift is happening in retail from ecommerce being nice to being a necessity. MELI/AMZN/SHOP … maybe OKTA as it enters consumer identity. And SHOP, allowing retailers to be very nimble and set up fully functioning storefront basically any time they want, for any product set they want, represents a pretty staggering change. Whether you want to buy a TShirt from a political campaign or sell PPE.

Another company that may benefit is AVLR–reported yesterday. They do sales tax and VAT for ecommerce. AVLR doesn’t qualify for a Saul stock because revenue is growing at 31% YoY. My Significant Other works there, so I don’t really want to comment about any specifics, but we have some exposure there.



I’ll share my reply to the SHOP board post:
"It wasn’t too long ago they added Facebook and Instagram store channels. I was helping a friend with a store at the time and adding it was so easy. The most annoying part is they were paying for an app that appeared to get completely replaced by their built-in feature and they still allowed the app to exist and confuse everyone. Anyway, they did a great job with those two social media integrations so I’m sure this will be easy too.

It really was just a few clicks to get both FB and IG shopping up and running with SKU syncing and such. After helping to set it up via a 3rd party app it was obvious how well they executed the features.