Shopify - Great interview with CFO…



What a great interview!

If you are concerned about the “churn” that has been discussed on this board, watch this video. More and more larger merchants (not SMBs) are coming to Shopify. SHOP has focused on the SMBs and only recently, starting in early 2017, has SHOP really made any effort at trying to target larger businesses to come to Shopify.

And I say if there is churn, so what? Why should I care if more and more people try to start a business and some percentage of them fail or lose interest. Why does this matter? Those businesses that succeed will grow and provide more revenue to Shopify. And for every business that fails (i.e. churn) 1.3 (a guess) will take its place.

Anyway, watch the interview and if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing then start around the 6 minute mark and watch about 7 minutes from there…