Shopify seen as Trump takedown target

Let’s see is this body blow 3 or 4 now by citron? Getting tired of this. Earnings are upcoming in a few weeks. Guess we’ll let them speak.…

Is Shopify (SHOP -1.9%) in harm’s way of a negative Trump tweet?

Citron Research thinks so, noting that the Canadian e-commerce firm’s growth is based on inefficiencies in Chinese imports and USPS pricing.

The short-selling firm promises a fuller report on Monday.


I dont invest in SHOP due to high P/S, and I prefer BZUN for similar play in China.

Having said that, what, exactly, in Trumps mostly unsuccessful business background (he only sustained making money on fees for his brand name) gives Citron confidence that he even could understand ecommerce tech?

Of course - since Left said “canada” “china” “usps” and “imports” I would guess that is all the in-depth research Trump would need before tweeting.

So Left may be disingenuous, but that strategy of goading Yrump into tweet-bashing a stock you want to short is kind of brilliant.

But I only see it working on household names. Citron should DM Trump sending photos of Jensen Huang and claiming the Chinese are using NVIDIA to takeover the US via AI. That I could totally see working.



“growth is based on inefficiencies in Chinese imports and USPS pricing”

Shopify’s growth is based on more and more businesses using their product to build e-commerce websites.

I’d argue that Trump could see Shopify as aiding competition to Amazon, and therefore would at least leave them alone. I doubt that he’s more than barely aware of their existence.


This has got to be one of the most specious of all of Citron’s attacks.

The notion that DJT is even aware of Shopify stretches one’s imaginative powers. Further, that he would Twitter anything about them is ludicrous. The notion that anything he might say about a B2B company would be meaningful to the majority of his base is laughable.

Shopify has no material position in the Washington Post, New York Times or any other DJT unfriendly news outlet. DJT is unlikely to know that this company exists, much less launch an attack against them.

Andrew is truly deep in left field on this one.

But then, I suppose it might work in the short term, and that’s all Mr. Left cares about. A con artist exploiting the uninformed is not a new phenomena.