Senator Joe Manchin led a bipartisan group of Senators in passing the Shorts Act, Forcing Senator John Fetterman into a suit and tie instead of his signature baggy shorts and hoddie. No mention of Kristen Simena’s questionable fashion choices.

Personally, I favor the NASCAR ACT, that Senators be required to wear a work vest with the oversized brand patches of their Top Ten campaign contributors, so that we all know who “bought & paid” for them.



How could it be ‘unanimous’; pretty sure Fetterman didn’t vote in favor!



Fetterman either passed or voted for it.

He did not create any scene by voting against it. AFAIK

He needed the political cover to get into a suit.

Fetterman did vote for it (or to be exact, he didn’t object). The vast majority of Senate business is done under “unanimous consent”. If you’re the one Senator that objects and makes them go through a legislative process that literally takes a day and a half to get something done, you quickly become an outcast in the chamber. Hence the poor reputations of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.



I wonder if his vote was recorded as “Yes, whatever.”

No. The way it works the Senate Majority Leader says “I urge unanimous consent for the Shorts Act”, and the clerk reads a summary of the bill.
Then the Majority Leader says, “I hear no objections.”, and he gavels it as “Approved” and moves on to the next item.

When the Senate is working as it’s supposed to, they can approve 30 or 40 noncontroversial bills per hour.


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That is not just based on one stupid act.

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More like, “yes finally”. He did not have permission from his constituents to be in a suit.

My understanding is that Fetterman always wore a suit when he was on the Senate floor, but wore his shorts and hoodie when working in his office.

Much ado about nothing.

Just more evidence, not that we needed any more, that Manchin is a jerk.


Without Manchin zero would have got done. No other Democrat would have held a senate coming out of WV.

If you look at the math the original ideas before Congress included Childcare for over $6 tr. We can not afford that right now. That is most of what Manchin nixed.

As the factory buildout happens we will revisit childcare. But let’s call it daycare. If you have a child you are the childcare. Stop expecting anyone else to be the childcare no matter how crappy lingo sounds good.


Excuse me. I wasn’t talking about Manchin’s utility as a Democrat.

I was talking about Manchin being a jerk.


A useful jerk. The Democrat’s weak point is not being hard behinded.

If the party is mainly women the assumption the little lady can’t take it is really a tactical mistake.