Should I sell AYX

This ad sure makes me want to

The irony of that pie chart being so wrong in their ad…


Dang! That is like a commercial learning center misspelling a word and using bad grammar. Jeepers! Someone needs to get fired for that.

Reason to sell…ahhh, no. Reason to suspect corporate competence? Yes. What VP let that pie chart go out?



It’s gone now, or at least the link is dead.

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As I figured they would eventually catch it and delete it. Basically it was a twitter post where Alteryx said “78% of companies” or something along those lines, and had a pie chart supposedly depicting 78%, but it was more like 65%, not 78%.

Not a reason to sell AYX. Any more than you’d sell McDonalds if they had a twitter tweet that had some small error on it. It’s not like it’s a reflection on upper mgmt.

Most likely what will happen here is the mid level manager who is in charge of twitter posts will remind the marketing rep who made the post to double check the graphs and consistency in what the twitter post says.

Nothing someone should get fired over unless it becomes a repeat thing.

It’s an inaccurate pie chart in a twitter post for crying out loud. Much bigger picture things to worry about. Like upstarts or new releases by potential competitors for example.