Signals for Sector ETFs, Jan 19

Schwab’s ETF scanner returns 514 ETFs that it places in category ‘Sector’. Based on today’s closing prices, my scanner for breakouts found no ‘buys’ for tomorrow, Jan 20. That’s a pretty surprising result. But one has to trust one’s tools, or else one doesn’t have an investing plan and might as well do flip coins or throw darts.

I’m going to run these daily reports for a couple of weeks on the stocks in the SP51500 and on 1,500 or so ETFs, plus a 100 or so mutual funds to see what shakes out. I urge you to NOT depend on these reports, but to do your own Due Diligence, for this reason. “A way of seeing is also a way of not seeing.” I know for a fact from having used the scanner for a couple of years now, that it’s a good tool. But, also, it isn’t perfect, as nothing can be, and it sometimes misses investing opportunities that hand-analysis would have caught.