Simon Sez 3 Real-Time Tracking and Learning

@buynholdisdead Andy, you can export lists from IBD (into Excel) then drop them into a watch list in Stockcharts (and probably Barcharts). I used Webby’s 21dma filter. Here are some SS3 stocks of interest near the 21dma with recent buy signals that are probably still valid.


Just the 5. Some others are coming down to the 21dma, so are still waiting for a buy label. Some are riding along, so no buy opportunity, etc.

Not at the 21dma is V, a quill favorite. It has a low price label yesterday and just turned green at the very end of market today. Theoretically it can be a buy tomorrow.

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I’m still holding. I suspect the price label was close to going away today, but it didn’t and ended up green so I’m still in. It’s essentially at what I bought in for, so I would say if someone wants to do an SS3 buy here, have at it.

Market breadth improved some at the end of last week per Nasdaq Composite Bullish Percent Index, but down again today in spite of the Index being up. So I’m not holding great hopes for this one at the moment, but still holding the trade.


I hope you fully understand how the Twenty (20) EMA is being used as a guide. Over time it will become routine with a blink of an eye.

Next, please don’t make up rules other than those written in STONE and IMPOSSIBLE to break. Many of our peers have said they have tried. If a signal disappears, so what, either wait, sit still, or move on to the next signal. The more you mess up the rules, the more you get confused.

To protect your ASSets, when Simon says to SELL, you SELL. The BUY signal is not far behind, as seen in the Twenty (20) ema pattern.

See the attached charts (there are about 5 more of them) and how am I doin? Get seven (7) checks every month. It pays my phone, and natural gas bill every month.

I collect 3 months’ worth, and then thereafter I draw one months amount and pay it. We let the money werk for us and not the inverse.

I don’t recall you ever talk about how many stocks do you have in your dividend portfolio. If none, create a portfolio of about 25. Do you dividend re-invest or do you dump all the money into a pool to pay some bills or have enough to buy another stock to be added to your portfolio?

Attached is something you might like to do if you get bored with nothing to do. If it is confusing to you for advanced Swing Trading, Pass if you don’t like to lose money

Keep learning how to read charts. Once you get it, you will have it made.

Quill -

Still working on the Chart of the Day about Trend Seekers

(Attachment Petty Ca$h - per Simon’s Werld®.txt is missing)

(Attachment piggyback.txt is missing)

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Quill, thanks again.

RE: dividends - I have 39 significant dividend stocks and get about $38k a year. I am too young for social security. I live off about a 3% withdrawal rate from my assets. No debt. I have a 4-5 year fund of “safe” money, a lot of it earning 4-5% in treasuries at the moment. I have been investing since I was in high school. From that standpoint my Financial/Business Plan is sound.

Sell Rule: I have had more labels disappear than I have had Sell Rule #2 trigger a sell. The disappearing of a buy label means the current price went lower then the price label. There is no sell rule for that, but you say you sell when the market gets wonky. I assume you have an unofficial sell rule for when the price goes negative and I bet that is set in stone for you.

20dma: since my random buys out of the gate have been failing at a high level, I thought I would look for stocks that are supported by the 20dma. I won’t obsess about it.

Charts: Those look great, even with high rates competing, they are moving up in price. FLRT currently yielding 8.3%!. The longer term logarithmic chart shows those large looking gains may not be sustainable.

I will keep posting my SS3 buys using Stockcharts labels and we can see what I am doing wrong with this simple system.

Thanks, Pete

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Quill, When you are going through a period of High Volatility where you are getting kicked out of your positions how do you handle that? What are your rules for High Volatility. Pete, I suspect that is what is happening to you, everything is popping up and down so you might need to see what would have happened if you would have widened your stops. Of course you will be taking on more risk also.


Edit: Look at BSX, it has been hugging the 21 EMA for quit awhile.

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Recent buys:

COST, V, AMSC all out of the gate (day 2) today. CELH was a buy 6/27 and it was a day late, but at same price as on day 2.

The first 3 are from my IBD list of stocks withing 2% of 21dma. Others on the list that are out of the gate today: BKNG, IHG, ROL, RYAN, STNG, LRN. I kind of like ROL as a non-tech steady earner, but I am out of cash in my small SS3 testing account.

WDC is on day 4, but was about at day 2 prices earlier today. NVDA is day 7 but at Day 2 pricing. Maybe that says it is not a good swing trade.

I am going to watch for patterns when a swing trade approaches its old high price label. There should be some resistance there. But at that point I have a nice profit and can wait for the official sell signal.


Congratulations, you are doing an awesome job.

I have my dividends in 3 different brokers plus which is on autopilot.
I have an " Income Calendar" from

The first thing in the morning, I looked at all the reported dividends and recorded them on my rube goldberg spreadsheet. At the end of the month, I review the portfolios and on the first business day of each month buy stocks. I have 12 portfolios consisting of 15 stocks in each portfolio. I only trade the first portfolios at this time.

eg. The first portfolio has 15 monthly stocks broken down into groups of 5.

the payments are broken down to per week of the month.
YLD - Week 1 calendar days 1 to 7 equals pay days between
CMF - Week 2 calendar days 8 to 14
SCM - Week 3 calendar days 15 to 21
ARR - Week 4 calendar days 22 to 78
PLD - Week 5 calendar days 29 to 31

The calendar is only a reference and is not to be added to the spreadsheet.

Across the top row is Jan Feb to Dec.

The next row down this year we start with Jan is WK2, Feb WK3, MAR WK4, APR WK5, MAY WK1, JUN WK2 to DEC.

Portfolio 1 Group 1 has a total of 5 stocks. Add the total amount for that little group and buy the stock for week 3 which is for July.

repeat the process for group two going down
repeat the process for group three going down.

And repeat the process for the other Portfolios 2 and 3.

Now, when you have nothing to do and are bored, below if you like a challenge with Simon & Co. The below two (20 were cut off by the Hall Monitor last night (aka TMF police) because it was a TXT file.

Petty Ca$h - per Simon’s Werld®

revised: 12/01/2022

Petty Ca$h - per Simon’s Werld® by Quillnpenn revised 12/1/2020.

We all know everyone needs a few dollars for lunch money and or paying the car payment. Simon can do this for us.

Per Simon Sez III rules

Buy one bar after the Price Label as DAY ONE that has been posted and let it ride for 6 days and ca$h it in.

2a. Sell if within the 6-day period when the price label appears at the top to prevent any further losses.

2b. Be advised there will be some head fakes as minor losses.

Beginners buy in multiples of 10 shares. eg. 10 20 30 40 50 100 . . . . .shares.
3a. Advanced swing traders buy in multiples of 100 shares. eg. 100 200 300 400 500 1000 … shares.

Pick a chart from your own pool of candidates or from a scanning tool showing prices right out of the gate.
4a. Price is the “Gate”. We use the expression “Out Of The Gate” to talk about doing something right away. If you do things out of the gate, you do them without any delay.

Review the opportunities as an example of ACCO. . . . . ACP | 6
for exercise:

However, I have a scanning tool from Stockcharts that finds the stocks right out of the gate.

Create a pool of 10 stocks and let it rip.

Earn a substantial amount of money.

Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 45 years.

Ps. Charlie likes to exit after 4 days.

RE: Piggyback The Best Traders in the World (Not Who You May Think!) Something to ponder.

Daily morning review of charts. Just make sure you have enough money in the “withdrawal available tab” before buying stocks to avoid the T-1 sec rules.

You can make over 260k to 500k a year by just buying and selling stocks that go UP and over the 20 ema line and bang it for 1 to 2k profits or more and OUT.

In other words, I always buy cheap 1000 shares to start the journey.

Or buy out of the gate (Simon sez III rules) stock that then rises above the 20 ema.

There are clowns out there that say you can not make money via the up and over the 20 ema.

Any time prices rise over the 20 ema is called TRENDING and any prices that go below the 20 ema is DE-TRENDING. Or you can SHORT the stock for a few dollars.

I have no time to SHORT stocks. I wait for the out-of-the-gate or move on to the next stock on the list.

I DO NOT play the OPTIONS game for it is a ZERO-SUM game. Meaning somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose. So I avoid the OPTIONS.


Make sure the charts has a default of 20 ema over 200 ema showing. The damn thing in the beginning defaults to 20 sma and 200 sma. I click on the top URL line the 4 box icon to change my chart to the 20ema over 200ema. The name of my chart is called SIMON when it was first constructed.

Stock Charts.

// Scan 60 - 20ema - when price crosses UP and over the 20 ema

[type = stock] AND [COUNTRY = US]
//and [SCTR > 90]
AND [Daily Volume > 500000]
AND [Daily Close > 10]
and [Yesterdays close <= Yesterdays EMA(20)]
and [Todays close > Todays EMA(20)]

// Bullish 20/200 crossover

[type = stock] and [country = US]
//and [SCTR > 90]
and [Daily EMA(20,Daily Volume) > 500000]
and [today’s ema(20,close) > today’s ema(200,close) ]
and [yesterday’s ema(20,close) <= yesterday’s ema(200,close)]
and [close > 10]

I reviewed the 20 ema over 200ema on Stock Charts

//Bullish Scan 400 True Strength Index up and over

[type = stock] AND [country = US]
and [SCTR > 90]
AND [Daily EMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000]
AND [Daily EMA(60,Daily Close) > 20]

AND [TSI(16,8,4) > 0]
AND [TSI(16,8,4) x TSI Signal(16,8,4)]

I review the Scan 400 results on Barchart showing the TSI (True Strength Index) showing when the Green line crosses up and over the red heading north

I now have automatic messages for the two (2) scans emailed to me in the morning at around 9:32 am Monday to Friday.

  1. click on stockcharts
  2. click on “your Dashboard” in green letters.
  3. The left side is the Member tools blue box
  4. Find Scheduled Scans
  5. click on that
  6. check off the “Send email with scan results” after you check off Monday to Friday.
    6a. I ignore the Action box.
  7. check off Save scheduled Scan green box
  8. scroll up a little and look at the scheduled scans you would like to have.

PAPER TRADE to get acclimated to the charts for a week and get pi$$ed off on how much money you can make without trying and not listening to all the talking heads and the stupid routers who try and SELL their hot steamin’ deals.

Have a Puke bucket next to your chair and observe what is happening in front of your eyes.

Total time working is from 9:25am to 10:30am daily and from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm. The rest of the time is reading the Financial Times and the WSJ.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO FOLLOW OUR MILLIONAIRES / BILLIONAIRES who claim they work for us? Believe it or not,!

Follow all the millionaire congress peeps. Tons of the congress members beat the $SPY by a mile. 35 plus and the latest count. Nancy Patricia Pelosi is my favorite person to watch since she feeds off of her husband. You can see how our congress folks are doing with their trading skills. ie Nancy Pelosi - JUST peruse the site for some information.

LOOK at NANC (ETF) Democrat trading - notice the trending and de-trending. divides suck
LOOK at KRUZ (ETF) Republican trading - notice the trending not divides at this time.

I wish you the best in your journey.

Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 48 years. ;o))

ps. If the above is too complicated, don’t worry about it.


Keep an eye onXLB:

Here’s XLI:

XLU too:

With the S&P hitting record highs and the prevailing thought that the fed may ease interest rates, thought these might be worth watching…doc

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Here is what I noticed today, for everyone’s review: (based Stockcharts labels)
near 21dma: CLH, PSTG, KMI, APH, LRN, BKNG, CL, MCK, MRUS.

RE: XLU. on SC labels, it is day 3. This is also one that had vanishing labels after it turned south on me.


PAVE on BC, TSI appears to be crossing into the green along with the second green bar on SC would give me more confidence buying this one.

On the rest of the stocks or ETFs, none had the confirming TSI indicator. I pay for stockcharts too but barcharts with PARTP/TSI seems more easy to read vs stockcharts and the flags can be unreliable imho…doc

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regarding XLU

Lets see how XLU plays out. Thanks for screening for these stocks/etfs and the conversation. Using both BC and SC might be strong although the BC with SS rulez seems to hit in the 70-80% range from what I’ve been doing and seeing…doc

edit: XLU looks like TSI is crossing into the green for the confirming indicator on BC and already a buy on SC with the flag plus one green bar. Entry yesterday with SC and possible entry today with BC if TSI continues up

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One thing I think I am noticing on Simon is it seems to run in the Trendline. Although a stock can go in and out of the Trendline it usually stays in it. So if you can find a stock that is following a trendline I think it will do very well. It’s when a stock is choppy that it gets hard because it whipsaws you around.



Exported a new 21dma scan from MarketSurge, no good candidates for day 1. CASY is trying to get its first green day.

This round of buys from the 21dma list is working better for me, but it is anecdotal and does not mean this is a better source of SS3 stocks.


Overall, I am am about 3.5% positive in this dedicated account. I did buy some short ETFs in another account and they did poorly and were sold. But I am going to try hard just to use this account until I get a feel for my ability to execute.



Obviously I should have sold CELH yesterday at 3:30, but I did not monitor the market for some reason. It tanked today, so sold.

I put a trailing 3% stop loss on my V and COST. AMSC still running without a stop loss.


And today there is a buy signal with a TSI to confirm yes? Any thoughts? The system is pretty good especially with really good stocks on a rising trend. These horizontal or volatile stocks that are trending sideways generate lots of buy sell signals which is why I like the TSI for confirmation. When you read Quill, one realizes that he analyzes so much data that it really isn’t just a simple system and Charlie points that out all the time. I think we all realize that Quills system has some merit, but its not just those 2 rulez that he preaches but a constant analytical process from his vast experience. Respect…doc

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RE: CELH. Yes, looks like a buy signal again on the Stockcharts view as well. Every time a volatile stock undercuts the last recent label, it will have the opportunity for a new one the next day.

RE: Visa. Decided to sell today at a loss of 1.15%. Just can’t seem to get that 100% accuracy rate of a 10-year old.

The old label should vanish tomorrow mornings and a new one will be applied if it goes green tomorrow.

I am up just less than 0.2% in my dedicated SS trading account. This is due to IGV and now AMSC. I think IGV may be the only stock where I got the Rule 2 sell signal, but then it later vanished and the stock kept going up. Almost all my sells are due to stop loss rules, like going below original purchase price or the old label.

Hi Ho.

EDIT: In retrospect, I should have known that a price label was coming after that big red down day. I should have just put in a sell order at the open.


I don’t know Pete but that looks to choppy to me. Celh looks like a better one to trade, I put a position on today at $56.57 stop at $53.74, thanks Doc. Let’s see what happens.


Rule2 kicking in for COST and AMSC

Luckily I missed COST sell signal today. Will sell AMSC at market open since I am gone in the mornings. Market keeps rising and AMSC is stuck.

I don’t know if it was lucky to miss the COST sell since its still red today. AMSC is still a hold today fyi.

TSI still good for AMSC as well on BC

I think the parameters and the checks/balances of TSI, green/red bars along with the flags on SC all add up to stronger information…doc

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I put a stop loss on COST and it hit today leaving me with a 0.3% gain. It is totally my bad that I missed the Rule 2 signal yesterday.

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