Simulated Investopedia Portfolio

While in Costa Rica earlier this year my Tico business friend was interested in my stock market journey.
In an attempt to convince him to participate I opened up a simulated account in Investopedia and bought a spread of stocks that were making the rounds at the time.

Investopedia gives you 1 million paper dollars and allows you to trade against the real market.
On March 2, 2020 I invested a little under $100,000 of the million in paper money.
I got distracted and my friend also did not show any more interest.

7 months has gone by.

I got to thinking, why don’t I see if my account still exists and what progress it has made?
I hope you will find the results interesting.

AYX	169	- $4,988.88(-20.70%) 		
DDOG	443	$25,911.07(129.98%) 
CRWD	288	$22,944.96(132.34%) 
ZM	130	$48,474.40(341.00%) 
OKTA	80	$7,120.80(68.44%) 
TTD	10	$2,609.70(88.31%) 
Total Portfolio Gain for 7 months
March 2, 2020-Oct 2, 2020
$102,072.05 (**114.75%**)

That is doubling your money in 7 months without even looking at the portfolio.