SKX options

Stock closed at $31.64 today (After hours closed at $32.12, so CEO on Cramer might have helped).

you could have bought a Dec 18 Call option with a strike price of 30 for about $3.50. That is a premium of $3.50-$1.64= $1.86/31.54 = 5.88%

So if you do a buy-write and get called you get 5.88% in a couple months. Simple math x 6 months = 35% annual return.

If you are super optimistic and want to leverage, you just buy a call. You could also buy the $35 call and sell the $40 call for 0.45 or a net cost of $3.10 for a max profit of $5-$3.10 = $1.80. which is not so hot.

If you have lots of faith, you can write a put. Dec $30 put went for $1.90 so if you were put your cost would be $28.10

Just info.