SkX Turnaround Hypothesis…

Here is a Fool article presenting one realistic path, with real world evidence and not just hope or supposition, to a possible road to Skechers turning things around. The answer is China of course.

The U.S. market will turn itself around as well at some point, i.e, it is a mature market, but that will turn around.

In the end, as I discussed in a previous thread, taking marketshare (as that is a sign of momentum, and length of competitive advantage period) are the things that will most move the stock. Taking marketshare in China may just be the answer in regard to a stock resurgence if the market sees Skechers as a brand with long term cache in China.

It also demonstrates the importance of international trade, to everyone, from the United States to China. And this is probably what has most folks anxious in its relation to Trump and stock market. But you know what, Canada and Mexico know they have to renegotiate, China cannot survive without free trade with us, and we cannot survive without free trade with China given how much debt China owes of ours, and how much wealth China makes selling to us. We are one big happy trading planet, except for the places that don’t trade, and that would be primarily the once great traders of the world, the core of Islamic civilizations in the Middle East.

But I’ve exceeded my mandate on a simple Skechers post.



I am just wondering with all the competition in China, what would Sketcher brand bring?

many out there love Nike and the myriad of domestic brands is also serious competition.

I definitely for a turn around but am not sure about how it would play out.