Slack-DDOG and DocuSign

At Slack’s Frontiers Conference, Slack unveiled several enhancements to its platform.
Among them:
Workflow Builder: Steps for Apps- This is an expansion of Slack’s existing Workflow Builder tool for enabling workflows within Slack that can involve third-party app integrations. Supported by developers such as Datadog and PagerDuty can trigger actions within third-party apps that are running independently of Slack, rather than just integrations within the Slack app.
Socket Mode, a feature for connecting enterprise apps that is behind firewalls with Slack.
And, IT admins now have the ability to quickly deploy Slack app integrations throughout an organization, with no action necessary needed by individual workers.

And a new partnership with e-signature software leader DocuSign through which Slack users can quickly access document templates for common processes, as well as send and sign docs via the Slack app.

I’m long Slack, DDOG, and Docusign