Slow Flowing Toilet

I pretty much exhausted all the tricks I knew and turned to YouTube for advice. Several postings there said the problem could be mineral deposits in the holes under the rim and recommended a treatment with vinegar.

It worked really well! I did an initial scrub, then turned off water to the tank and flushed. I got a half-gallon of cleaning vinegar and poured it into the tube in the tank. I then added about a half-gallon of water directly to the bowl as that was recommended to remove buildup in the toilet’s trap. I let everything sit overnight, scrubbed, and then applied again. Let sit for most of the day, then turned the water back on. Success!


Do not fall into the trap of putting chemicals into the tank. Toilets tanks are bolted on with brass and brass is generally “eaten” by the acids in those (generally blue) chemicals.

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The vinegar doesn’t go into the tank. It’s poured into the tube so it goes straight into the holes underneath the rim.

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