Slow pushups

Don’t laugh, Dreamer, this is your future :slight_smile:

Back before my COVID infection I had various cardio-vasc exercise routines. I had pushups interspersed with various aerobics. I did either lady pushups from knees or regular ones with my hands on first step, or 7 inches above toe level. 15 to 20.

Upon starting this new little routine, I do regular pushups, though slow–and holding at the top with elbows not locked.

Day one, set of … 1. Day two, sets of 2. Now on day 4, set of 4 and will see how many sets during the day. Fortunately I don’t carry much fat. No six-pack, but maybe 2-1/2?

Russians not making much progress. Day 5, so no 6-day war, and Belarus soldiers being brought in to help the Russians. Germany sending defensive weapons to Ukraine. Other than brave resistance, ugly all around. Dangerous as Hell.

So, against sorrowful background, it is worst case scenario for market. Unknown outcomes for unprecedented actions. One thing for sure, feed for my chickens is going to cost more. Bread and fuel going to cost more in Europe. Should be a good market for blankets and sweaters the next couple of years in Europe. It takes how long to build a LNG port facility???

How is a country of 40 million–or maybe only 30 million Ukrainian nationalists–going to be “pacified”? Ugly doesn’t begin to describe the very possible outcome in the event of occupied cities.

The black swan has probably ended 20+ years of deflationary, zero-interest investing thesis. Lots of investing models in need of rework. I wonder how long it will take Saul to find the next underappreciated investment opportunity? Or is SaaS not dead, just overpriced? Against the cost of fuel and bread, cash is losing value. But measured by bonds and equities, deflation, baby. (But not, I think, for real, physical assets such as residential real estate).

May you live in interesting times…

Dreamer is in the right place, at least for Monday. Maybe Putin can spin the events to be able to declare victory and go home. Lots of dark forces and big money would like to see Zelensky “gone”, I think.

Pivotal week upcoming.



Day one, set of … 1. Day two, sets of 2. Now on day 4, set of 4 and will see how many sets during the day.


You are going parabolic!

Quality over quantity. Or you strain shoulders.

Got to balance pushups w something in a pull motion.

Can get elastic band, secure over a pole or tree or something sturdy. Or just using own body.
Search youtube for “athleanx bands” for number of videos.

I have a pullup bar in basement. Every morning i start my day by just hanging from it to stretch out my arms and back. Snap crackle pop.


Not sure if ukraine isnt still just a distraction. But it does increase volatility potential.

Hey - mask mandates ended in IL today. Even in schools and the gym. And just like that, covid has been forgotten.