Small update on a portfolio change

Small update on a portfolio change

I thought I should let you know that Upstart has become my second largest position, having passed Snowflake, Datadog and Cloudflare. That’s not because I have added any more to it, but because it has risen 58% since last Thursday (four trading days ago, when I told you I was buying every share I could).

On the other hand, my portfolio as a whole has “only” risen 15% in those four days since I remarked that it had hit a five times bottom, and I felt that that it had hit “Bottom” for our stocks. Since Upstart rose so much more than the rest of my portfolio, it naturally rose as a percentage of the portfolio.



I took the oportunity today to trim some of my UPST. With the recent rise, it had risen above my number one position CRWD. Now it sits in number 2, but almost equal to NET.