SMAR Insider Ownership


Just been taking a closer look at SmartSheets, and the metrics do seem impressive. As an Australian investor I am trying to understand the insider ownership a little more. From what I can tell, it is just the CEO that has a relatively small position of $14m (378k shares). I based this info from Yahoo finance, as I couldn’t find it in any of the public reports on their website.

This seems rather low to me? Any suggestions where I could look further. This type of information typically appears in the annual reports (in Australia anyway) and one isn’t yet available.

Fairly new to these forums, so appreciate any guidance.


Of course it’s a bit out of date, but the S-1 filed in Mar. 2018 lists Principal and Selling Shareholders at the time SMAR was registering to go public. It’s posted on the Investor section of SMAR’s website. See pp. 129-131.

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I should have added that you can then track the filings of changes in beneficial ownership that have been filed up to the present, also posted on SMAR’s website.

Thanks found it, much appreciated.