SMAR: possible financial irregularities?

Interesting read from this financial blog - it’s alleging Smartsheet has some significant financial irregularities that haven’t yet been picked up on by the financial media.

While I will usually take blog reports like this with a grain of salt, it’s very troubling to see that PwC, their auditor, said that SMAR did not have effective financial controls in place. Combine that with the departure of their CFO and then their dismissal of PwC as their auditor, one has to wonder if there’s more here to the story:


Not sure about the rest from, who is that? Bear cave?

Anyways the CFO, Jen Ceran, seemed a very effective leader who was saying that she was preparing to hand over the position over the last year. I saw her in an interview near end of last year where she said she was ready for retirement and would be doing so soon. This is the second company that she was CFO for the IPO, Dropbox being the other.

And good to see SMAR make the top cut In the OKTA Covid update.

Small SMAR position