SMAR Smart Acquisition

Pretty impressed with the vision of SMAR leadership. They have made a number of small acquisitions to obtain some technology that increase the value of their platform.

This looks like one of the best yet.…

Founded in 2012, 10,000ft provides an intuitive, dynamic way for organizations to plan and manage resources across a portfolio of projects, track time by initiative, and build accurate forecasts using real-time insights. 10,000ft has more than 1,000 customers, including some of the world’s most innovative brands across consulting, advertising and creative agencies, consumer products, and technology.

With the integration of 10,000ft, Smartsheet customers will benefit from the ability to plan and allocate resources across their projects, optimize resource allocation by function or skill set, track time against forecast, and gain real-time portfolio level visibility into the status of budgets and deliverables.

In addition, 10,000ft’s technology significantly strengthens Smartsheet’s value proposition for customers in the marketing and professional services segments and complements Smartsheet’s content collaboration technology (digital asset proofing and mark-up) acquired via the acquisition of Slope in January 2019.

I like the idea of adding more granular resource management to a project management solution. This sounds like a play to higher value customers. Which is good news for capturing that “orders of magnitude”

10000ft seems like a good fit here. Looking at their platform it’s much centered around resource management. This also includes things such as timecard management including some interesting things like “predictive timecards”. And also looks to have some enhanced reporting capabilities. So Smartsheet could be further becoming the hub for an entire suite of enterprise functions for data collection, work, and reporting across nearly all departments and functions.

Interested to see where SMAR winds up. They clearly have a vision for their platform that is much larger than where they’ve been.