SMR on Musk doing Musk

StevenMarkRyan is a way far out biased TSLA fan.

Unabashedly irreverent, SMR invites people to leave his channel ASAP, telling them that their opinions DO NOT matter, cause there are so many other folks taking the opposite side.

SMR tells Tesla haters that their opinions DO NOT matter either. Cause Tesla is too far ahead, too innovative, etc.

SMR tells the haters multiple times to keep on hating… and Musk will do Musk.

I watch SMR and LOLOLOLOL.

SMR says the Musk tweet about buying Coke is rapidly becoming the most liked tweet in Twitter history.
It IS a funny tweet. I wonder how KO and W Buffet likes the tweet.

ralph also likes the one and two word responses to the Russian space guy.