Foolish weekend to all

I was wondering whether anybody would comment on the note below…

Should I indeed wait till all insiders lockdown restrictions are lifted and see what the stock price does before starting a position ?



That’s a premium service and lots of us don’t have access. Also it’s against board rules to comment on premium boards. You might get some feedback via email.

Denny Schlesinger


I am sorry for my mistake; it was not intentional

I thought it was a general TMF commentary

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Lockdown events are worth considering in the overall thesis, especially when hype and valuations are so extreme. It’s a personal decision, but by itself it is just one data point. In the greater context within your research on the company’s fundamentals and their opportunities, it may be a footnote to assess the reaction, and create a plan for such events.

If you have done your analysis and feel like you’re missing out by waiting, then perhaps buy a small stake now, and then wait and observe. A big selloff on the lockdown being lifted might be the best opportunity to open or to add to a position, or trade options on. Or it could be nothing, there is no way to know how insiders will react. For that matter, it may have the opposite effect, and many investors may be on the sidelines waiting for the event to pass before they commit, and then there will be a rally as sideliners jump in.


Thank you for the advice

I think I will wait and see how it goes until the final lockdown period lifting in march

Happy holidays all