$SNOW Hits 52-Week Low on 11 MAR 21

Two weeks ago we saw the highest volume for a week ever. The weekly chart from two weeks ago shows a very long red candle stick as well. Also, two weeks ago on the weekly chart we saw the Bearish 17 x 43 EMA crossover.

Other than people who bought the week of the IPO, there is very little support between today’s close of 120. And yet, still, on Twitter, and on the Saul Board, loads of FA types whose views I respect are still hot on this stock.

I’m still not tempted to buy because my T/A still says “Not yet, not even close.”


$SNOW hit a 52-Week LOW on Friday, 11 MAR 22. If you look at the Weekly chart, pay attention to how the 17 x 43 EMA Bearish Crossover took place two weeks ago on a very long read candle. Also, that was the week of their highest volume ever (3x normal avg. volume):