SNOW to acquire Steamlit…

Simplifies and accelerates the development of data applications

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Thank you for posting this brittlrock.

Always happy to see an acquisition. ;^)

Here is some more color that i found interesting:

Snowflake Announces Intent to Acquire Streamlit to Empower Developers and Data Scientists to Mobilize the World’s Data
March 2, 2022
The acquisition will enable developers to build apps using tools they love with simplified data access and governance.

…Streamlit has over 8M downloads and more than 1.5M applications have been built using their framework.

“Streamlit’s community of developers, open source contributors, and creators is core to our success and we’re always looking for ways to further support the community with simple and powerful tools to build apps,”

Streamlit CEO and Co-Founder Adrien Treuille said.

“By joining forces with Snowflake, both the Streamlit and Snowflake developer communities will be able to tap into cutting edge technologies for unlocking data’s true potential.”…

Streamlit is/was a private company founded in 2018 whose top competitors have included: Perceptive Automata, Visionify, VisionTrack and 3dvisionlabs.

Here is a link to the Streamlit Blog:
Streamlit and Snowflake: Better Together

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I was a heavy streamlit user at my previous job.

It is a great open sourced tool that lets data scientists turn a Python script into dashboard by templating most of the common things in building a web page, like buttons, tables etc.

Before that, to make a somewhat modern interactive data science application, even for proof of concept, requires a lot of front end code written mostly in JavaScript. This means either

  1. Your data scientists need to learn JavaScript. Most of them will write horrible JavaScript code. This is the route my previous employer took at first. I had to learn JavaScript but in the end this is not the path you want your team to do. On top of that they need to learn to host web applications and maintain it.
  2. You hire front end developers for data science applications.

Streamlit lets you bypass those two problems immediately. You write a script and boom immediately you have an interactive dashboard for QA and feedback for user experience. About two month after I introduced it to our team, it spread like wildfire and pretty much everyone picked it up (think 50-100 people org.)

Streamlit in itself is a great tool but IMO a value add to a powerful ecosystem, not a viable product on its own for business value. It also has the problem of “Open source is good enough, why would I pay?” Their competitions like Plotly Dash and RStudio Shiny all share the same problem.

Given Snowflake’s big push into Python development, this acquisition makes sense in terms of product roadmap - it strengthens their ecosystem. On the other hand, I have no idea about valuation and how much is fair value for this acquisition.