Snowflake and compliance, a data point

My company just renewed our Snowflake contract and doubled the cost per credit.

The reason was that we are working towards SOC2 compliance as a company. One of the requirements in the audit was Disaster Recovery - all data systems must have a failover that can be used to recover lost data in two days. In the case of Snowflake, this is part of their offerings as long as you are willing to pay a lot more. The process itself was simple and we turned it on.

Since we are using the same amount of credits for ETL every night, with this new feature turned on Snowflake just pulled a 200% DBNRR on us this year. Still, good for them and good for us because we can just pay money, turn it on, and don’t have to spend any engineering hours figuring this out by ourselves. In addition, we will not even consider migrating to other platforms that don’t have this feature as long as we need to stay SOC2 compliant.