Snowflake buy dbt?

This article looks like clickbait; however, I found it very helpful in increasing my understanding reguarding the relationship between dbt with both Snowflake and Big Querry.

What if Snowflake did buy dbt?

Muji wrote back in September last year at
dbt creates a transformation layer within the data warehouse, letting teams collaboratively deploy code in a CI/CD-driven workflow.

dbt’s goal is to help combine data engineering and data analyst roles into what it calls analytics engineers, who then hand off the final analytical datasets directly to business users for self-service analytics. Akin to an app development pipeline in DevOps, dbt allows creating repeatable code-driven data workflows for DataOps (via CI/CD pipelines across development, testing, and production stages) to transform raw data into analytics-ready datasets.

Me here: I’d like to think I knew what Muji was talking about when I added this to my notes and that this is a big deal. But, now I’m thinking…I’m not sure I did understand it.

Thanks for multiple people generous enough to share their understanding with me,




Snowflake has NOT acquired dbt labs. The author is just wishing that would happen. A headline like that is very misleading. You have to read the whole post. He says

"So Snowflake should acquire dbt, if they can. "

dbt labs is still very much a private company with no acquisition offers on the table.


No worries at all. The article you referenced probably misled a lot of people. One of the nice things about this new message board is that you can easily edit your post to correct it. Just click on the pencil icon.