So, everything is fine with the economy!

Apple Mac shipments fell 40.5% in the first quarter of 2023, compared with the same time the prior year, market intelligence provider IDC said.


We all know profits are eroding.

Who needs a computer if you have a phone and access to some big old antique when you actually need to do big spreadsheets? I am typing this on my phone using a blue toothed folding keyboard. Desktop computers for normal people are on their way to antique shops. d fb


So…I can score desktops at the thrift store soon? Cool! There are mountains of printers and monitors at the thrift store now, but no computers. Shopping the stuff my neighbors toss out on trash day is pretty hit and miss. (The Canon printer I found two years ago, continues to perform flawlessly. The HP computer was weak enough that I solved it’s memory problem, and sold it on eBay.)

Steve…has no interest in lugging a computer with him, so a desktop is the better option


I’m pretty sure Apple had a large sales bump during COVID. That’s gone away. This drop is not surprising to me, honestly. Especially given how long Macs tend to be useful once bought. Our last iMac lasted 10 years before we replaced it a year back, and I expect this one to last at least another 5-7 years if not more. My parents got even more than that out of their last iMac (it was at least three years past the ability to get any software updates before they ditched it).


My Wintel machines usually last close to 10 years, until support for the OS ends. My two Pentium II/Win 98 machines went to scrap in 2008, even though they worked perfectly, because no-one would pay anything for them. My two Vista machines bought in 08, were replaced in 2016, by Win 10 machines. Win 10 support is due to end in 2025. Both machines lack a CPU that has been certified for Win 11, which prevents migration, Canon also says it has no intention of supporting my found-in-the-neighbor’s-trash printer on 11 either, so I may live dangerously and run 10 a while after support ends. Of course, if ink for the Canon transmutes to unobtanium before then, the calculus will change. Office Depot had stopped carrying the black carts for my HP, and unexpired ones were becoming very hard to find on eBay, when that printer committed suicide.


I’m still using my 2013 iMac. It is the most trouble free computer I’ve ever owned. I also have two PC laptops and two MacBooks and they’ve been almost as good. Reliability has gotten so much better.

Only problem I ever had with any of my 4 Dells was a vendor video board on a Pentium II model gave out.

The Vista commercial line HP was bulletproof. The Win 10 consumer grade HP Pavilion suffered a Western Digital HD failure, ethernet failure (WiFi still works, so I use that) and the optical drive burns coasters. The fans in the HP work hard too. Never hear such a commotion out of the Dell…but then, the HP was snatched off eBay, for a quarter what the newly built Dell cost.


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Ha. Mine is from 2009, and I have my Dad’s from 2011. Both work fine, but new softwares are yelling at me “Your OS does not support this {whatever}. Please upgrade.”

Except I can’t upgrade, I’m at the limit of that, too. Ah well. At least my 1997 Infiniti is still going strong.

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Yes, I’m having that issue, too.

My first computer was an Apple IIe purchased in 1984. My how things have progressed.

When I open my wallet Washington blinks.