So much for July

Wow—in shock!

Jen had stated here that the intended timing for closing the non-financially-related boards was sometime in July. I’ve had some items to wrap up on at least one of my boards, but my current life circumstances have limited me severely—and I thought I had time to do that catch-up. Due to hurricane Ida having flooded the downstairs of our apartment, and then the enormous difficulty of finding a responsive, informative, competent restoration company, beginning on April 13th I’ve been completely occupied with the massive, extensive mold mitigation and rebuild work that’s been in progress throughout the downstairs. And this was preceded by the gargantuan effort of going through and packing up-for removal to storage, along with our furniture—every last item and piece of paper in our downstairs. The work is just a few days from completion now, and I had planned to do my final non-financial posts this coming week.

Nope. With no warning in terms of timing that I am aware of, I’ve just discovered that overnight, my TMF is now “tmf” in a very tiny font.

What a sad Tuesday.