Somebody At PBR Has Some Splainin' to Do

Pabst is the smallest of the national brewers with abt 3% market share. What they think or do is almost irrelevant.

Now that beer is mostly national brands, they bought up many of the smaller regional brewers and still sell product under their labels. Wikipedia lists their brands as: these include its own flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon, as well as brands from now defunct breweries including P. Ballantine and Sons Brewing Company, G. Heileman Brewing Company, Lone Star Brewing Company, Pearl Brewing Company, Piels Bros., Valentin Blatz Brewing Company, National Brewing Company, Olympia Brewing Company, Falstaff Brewing Corporation, Primo Brewing & Malting Company, Rainier Brewing Company, F & M Schaefer Brewing Company, Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company, Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company and Stroh Brewery Company.[1] About half of the beer produced under Pabst’s ownership is Pabst Blue Ribbon brand, with the other half their other owned brands.

We used to have a beer discussion board but couldn’t keep it going. Here is market share info–

Of course now the craft brewers are doing quite well. At least some of them. And Boston Beer has been chasing canned cocktails and related alcohol products. Keeping young customers drinking beer seems to be a challenge. Beer with lime, lemon, strawberry, ???, you name it. Someone seems to be drinking it.

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