Space hotel w/artificial gravity in orbit 2025

For the Astronomy Board which I am missing…
Space hotel with artificial gravity will be in orbit by 2025
The Von Braun Space Station, based on the concepts of a controversial scientist, is moving ahead with construction plans.
If Earthly destinations are not enough to quench your wanderlust, a trip to a space hotel might get on your radar within the next few years. The designer of the Von Braun Space Station revealed numerous plans that detail the construction of a veritable resort in space.

Built by the Gateway Foundation, the world’s first space hotel will have gravity, bars, inviting interiors and full-fledged kitchens. They plan to have the station visited by about a 100 tourists per week by 2025.

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Nice concept, but I think there’s no way in hades that anything close to what they’re envisioning will be in place by 2025. That’s a mere 3 years away! Perhaps by 2035.


I recall the 1970s SF book by Larry Niven, Ringworld, large in scope, solving a lot to the issues, early science fiction, a great read of its time… I see there are 3 novels, I should re-read them…

Maybe an upcoming series on Prime……

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Yeah, those were good books.

I also note “Gateway Foundation” may be a nod to Fredrich Pohl’s novel “Gateway”.

I’m always apprehensive when people want to make a movie based on a classic book. It often doesn’t go well. But the latest attempt at Dune was pretty good, so here’s hoping they do it right with Ringworld.