Spain: no nukes

Spain confirms nuclear power phase-out, extends renewable projects deadlines
Spain on Wednesday confirmed plans to close the country’s nuclear plants by 2035 as it presented energy measures including extended deadlines for renewable projects and adjusted renewable auctions…

The future of the country’s nuclear plants, which generate about a fifth of Spain’s electricity, was a hot issue during the recent electoral campaign, with the conservative opposition People’s Party (PP) pledging to reverse the planned phase-out.



Wind, solar groups call on Spain to reignite power demand
In June, the Spanish government raised its wind power target to 62 GW by 2030, up from a previous target of 50 GW…The draft plan doubles the solar target from 39 GW to 76 GW and sets a slightly higher storage target of 22 GW. To meet this objective, wind developers will need to install roughly 4 GW a year over the next seven years, well above the 1.4 GW they installed in 2022…

However, surging solar capacity and a lack of power demand are deflating power prices and increasing the curtailment of solar and wind farms.

And, in addition to new renewable capacity…



“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana
born in Madrid, Spain, on 16 December 1863.

Published: August 18, 2009

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  • Memory lapse
  • Pragmatism vs. religion
  • Solar had not yet Crossed the Chasm by 2009.

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How many elections between now and 2035?


Good point. I believe Spain has general elections every four years, so that would be 2027 and 2031.


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Below is the 2023 electricity generation mix for Spain.

Wind         25%
Natural Gas  22
Nuclear      22
Solar        17
Hydro        10
Other         4 

Data from here.

Spain currently gets a slightly higher percentage of power from nuclear than does the US. If they shut down the nuclear plants, they will need to burn more natural gas for reliable, dispatchable power. Luckily, there are high voltage transmission lines running across the border from France. France routinely exports power to the UK, Italy, and Switzerland. More exports to Spain could be in the future, as well.

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Spain also imports LNG from various exporting countries.

From the link:
July 10 (Reuters) - Russia provided 27.9% of Spain’s gas imports in May, up from 11.9% a year earlier, Spanish government data showed on Monday.

Russia was Spain’s second biggest supplier of gas in May after Algeria, Cores, an arm of the Energy and Environment Ministry, said in a statement.

Spain imported the equivalent of 9,663 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of natural gas from Russia, more than twice the 4,357 GWh it imported in May 2022, Cores said.

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I guess it is no longer popular to be outraged about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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