SQ Hires CFO From Blizzard

I think this is a good higher for them. Still not willing to invest in Square again yet, but will watch results closely.

“Amrita is currently the CFO of Blizzard Entertainment, a leading global developer and publisher of interactive software products and entertainment content with over $2 billion in annualized revenue and a division of Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI)…”


higher = hire… long day.

Interesting, as I think the ATVI (Activision Blizzard) overall CFO just left within the past 2 weeks and was hired by Netflix…makes me wonder about the ATVI finance department to have both departures in such close succession.

long SQ; no position in NFLX or ATVI

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Interesting, as I think the ATVI (Activision Blizzard) overall CFO just left within the past 2 weeks and was hired by Netflix…

It was actually just this past Monday, 3 days ago, on further review:

Here’s a series of Tweets from Amrita Ahuja, Square’s new CFO about why she’s excited to join SQ:

Link: https://twitter.com/AmritaAhuja/status/1081096387092045824

“Square has a purpose that I feel to my core: My parents are the small business owners for whom Square advocates.”

Kinda confirms the small biz, niche market idea we talked about. Not necessarily a bad thing, this could be a HUGE market. But definitely something to think about if/when a recession hits.

I cut out a bunch of Tweets where she talked about her parents migrating and starting a business. Relates to her passion, but not necessarily the thesis for investing (or not) in Square.

Here’s what I found to be, the most important thought from her on her vision for Square.

“And today I imagine what Square could have done for them: enabling more customers to join and pay in a timely manner, helping my parents better manage cash flows, and making it easier for them to market and expand their business, and communicate with customers. Perhaps with Square, my parents could have had a night off once in a while or slept a bit easier.”

“So thank you, Square team, for your work advocating for people who often get lost in the system. As I step into this role and join you all, I plan to be laser-focused on these people – our customers – and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work.”

It brings us back to the question of not just how BIG is their TAM, but how profitable and reliable will the revenue be coming from their merchants?