SQ: partnership with Eventbrite


Square Partners With Eventbrite to Create Omni-channel Payments Solution for World’s Largest Live Event Platform

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Square today announced a strategic partnership with Eventbrite, in which Square will drive Eventbrite’s payments systems, including online, mobile, and in-person transactions. Additionally, to support Eventbrite’s vision to power the world’s largest platform for live experiences, Square has invested $25 million in the company…

The partnership between Square and Eventbrite will enable:

* Online and mobile payments: Square will be Eventbrite’s payment processing partner for paid events, tickets, registrations, merchandise sales, donations, and other associated products or services.

*In-person payments: Square will be Eventbrite’s payment processing partner for in-person transactions, enabling event creators to easily accept card payments from attendees with Square’s hardware and Point of Sale software.

*Omni-channel reporting and management: By powering Eventbrite’s online, mobile, and in-person payments, Square will provide event creators with a single platform, and therefore one comprehensive view into all of their sales. This omni-channel payment, reporting, and management capability will empower event creators with the data they need to deliver outstanding attendee experiences and make informed decisions about their businesses.



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