Went round a local arts and crafts fair of about 30 small merchants this morning selling jewellery, clothes, art, etc. What I was pleased to see was that most of them were using Square as they advertise it with a small stand up plastic card. Spoke to an older merchant and to cut a long story short since this lady was totally tech stupid(her words)and didnt understand apple pay and a few others she was told about and used to take checks(some bounced) and cash(few customers had) this has tripled her business and she now has no worries with the paper work. They even sent a rep out to her last year who explained how it all works and set her up. There are literally thousands of people in the same situation who just love what they do, love their products, meeting people, getting out of the house and actually don’t have to continue working, but since its been made a lot easier for them with the transaction process, they continue. This particular woman was in her late 60’s, her little tent was busy and she does 30 shows a year!!! I believe Square has captured a huge area in this field of business. It all adds up.


I really like seeing the companies where I invest in my local, daily interaction. Sure, that’s limiting. But where I see them my ‘conviction’ goes up.

(I understand that’s not necessarily the ‘Saul’s Investing Dicussions’ way. SID is more about the numbers. But I bought GOOG after I bought my first Android phone, I bought AMZN after a few online purchases, I bought NFLX after my third DVD came in the mail, I bought FB a few months after I signed up. For me, it helps to have the user perspective. I’ve had losers, too.)

Today I live in a college town of ~60k or so (after 25 years in Chicagoland I’m delighted, but that’s a story for another day). I see more and more local shops using Square. The new sandwich shop I stopped in on Friday for lunch as the most recent example.

My employer specializes in custom manufacturing of niche solar products. For years (pre-dating my hire) we’ve attended a couple trade shows where we sell products. Last year, for the first time, we used Square. We’ll use it again and again and again.

As always, YMMV.


I had to take my kitty cat to a groomer for a furry problem just last week. The groomer I found that could do cats was located way out in what I call “the boonies” at a home with a tiny building for the grooming business. When I went to pay, the groomer used a wireless Square device that had a chip reader. I was kinda shocked but I guess I shouldn’t have been.

Just adding to the pile here.