Just to pass the time: I opened a small position in Simpson Manuf. Co. today. They make all sorts of metal connectors for building structures, as well as construction adhesives, drill bits, grouts, sealants, etc. etc. A lot of the stuff is fairly high-tech. HQ is Pleasanton, CA.

17% ROA, 25% ROE, strong balance sheet, steadily growing earnings, solid management. Karen Colonias has been CEO since 2012. Before that she was CFO. Holds a BS in engineering and an MBA.

I’ve watched the company for years, but the stock is typically overpriced. Not now. $5 B. market cap. Nice bite size for BRK, would fit in well.


Thanks for the SSD reference MisterFingi. I’m not considering and investment at this time but the company is interesting to me.

I’m a tad hesitant on construction stuff at this time. One of my nephew’s builders supply business, 125 year old family business, had of course a terrible go of it during the financial crisis. But about 2013 they began having strong profits and from 2014 till today profits have continued to set records.

That’s about as long a run, if not by far the longest, for record profits as they’ve had since I worked there in high school during the 1960’s. That’s a lot of cycles to go through.

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Simpson would be a great “bolt-on” for Berkshire’s Mitek.

Simpson makes steel construction connectors -and lots of other related stuff. Mitek makes/licenses steel/wood trusses - and lots of other related stuff.

I haven’t been following this industry for a number of years, but here is an undated overview:…

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Simpson would be a great “bolt-on” for Berkshire’s Mitek.

Of course, Berkshire would never be allowed to control Simpson as Berkshire already owns (through MiTek) the #2 company in this duopoly, USP. When you shop for metal structural connectors at Home Depot, they are Simpson. When you buy them at Lowes, they are Berkshire’s USP.